Founded in 2002, Ditmars Boulevard Supermarket was inspired by its neighboring multi-cultural roots. Nestled in quiet park-like brownstone streets, Ditmars Blvd Supermarket recently re-opened with a modernized space.. 

Owners Otto Nunez and Eduardo Valero can be found at the store nearly every weekend, making sure the shelves are neatly stocked, serving customers with a smile, asking if customers have found what they've expected. 

Walking through the store, Mr. Nunez calmly reflects on the philosophy of the supermarket. "I want my customers to know we care about what they need from us. For example, I have a friend who comes in every day to order a sandwich. I only serve Boar's Head at the deli because those are the best tasting sandwiches. I want my customers to walk away happy and expect quality from me."

Two of the four walls of this store are lined with refrigerator cases. Dozens of brands of beers and IPAs are next to dozens of cold, refreshing drinks (Arizona Iced Tea, anyone?) Ice creams, bottled cold energy drinks, iced teas and coffees from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Monster are stocked everyday. 

As we round the corner to the produce section, fresh fruits like apples, pears, and pineapples were wafting sweet scents. Or could the sweet smell have come from the fresh floral arrangements sold everyday?

You'll find your favorite name brands that larger supermarket chains carry (think Nabisco cookies, Goya olive oils, Ronzoni Pasta, and Teavana beverages). The best part is you'll also find rare treats from around the world unexpectedly on the shelves. 

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